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American Shoreline Restoration - Erosion Repair Services


Quality in affordable erosion repair, specializing in the Geotec restoration system.

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cost effective shoreline erosion repair
cost effective shoreline erosion repair
cost effective shoreline erosion repair
Before Erosion Repair
During Erosion Repair
After Erosion Repair

All Geotec fabrics are made of polypropylene with ultraviolet stabilizers to resist degradation caused by exposure to sunlight. Polypropylene is one of the most inert textile polymers available, and highly resistant to soil chemicals, mildew, and bacteria.

American Shoreline Restoration is proud to offer the Geotec Tube™ Erosion Barrier. At 25% of the cost of conventional bulkheads or seawalls, the Geotec Tube™ (GFT) is the most cost effective and environmentally responsible shore line erosion barrier available.

Shoreline erosion is a serious issue in Florida, and continues to grow worse every day. Erosion control is easily solved by installation of the
Geotec Tube™
erosion barrier. Shoreline restoration is also easily achieved by the installation of the GFT™

The Geotec Tube™ is constructed of a spun-bond polyester fabric sewn together to form a custom diameter tube. The tube is interconnected along the waters edge, then a small sand pump is used to fill the tube with the same sand and organic material that has been eroding into the lake or canal. The final result is a long lasting fully contained sand filter barrier that will stabilize the bank from erosion and filter rainwater and irrigation run off.

The Geotec Tube™ erosion barrier can be installed on any shoreline contour or stacked pyramid fashion to create a more substantial barrier to protect against soil erosion during heavy rains. Once the Geotec Tube™ is sodded the durability and life span is unlimited. Shoreline restoration is easy to obtain and erosion control has never been more simple.

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American Shoreline Restoration ASR is ready to assist you with affordable shoreline restoration. ASR is family owned & operated and focuses mainly on Geotec Tube erosion control system installations. The Geotec Tube is installed from the water with no impact on existing landscape or property use. Geotec Tube erosion control applications include hundreds of golf courses, city, county and state governmental agencies, as well as homeowners associations, private residence and Orlando theme parks.

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